ABC Fire and Safety Limited

Security lighting is an effective means of detering criminal activity around your home or business premises. We will specify and install your external lighting system to maximise perimiter security and provide you with a strong sense of protection.

Whether you want to further secure external doors or other highly vulnerable areas such as tool sheds and gardens, we can provide a number of external lighting solutions; dawn to dusk sensitive, timer-switched or lighting controlled by sensors which detect movement.

Professionally installed Domestic and commercial external lighting systems are highly effective deterrents against night-time intruders and can also provide an audible warning if your premises is approached in the daytime. Systems designed by our team have the capabilities if required to trigger not only flood lighting, but also activating CCTV cameras, Mobile phones and other warning devices when movement is detected.

Security lighting can also be energy efficient with the use of low energy lighting sources for example: sodium, metal-halide or fluorescent lighting. If setup on a motion-sensor basis the lighting can also reduce the amount of energy used overnight compared to lights that are left on all night. Many security lights can also be designed to run on solar power, which adds zero cost to your electricity bill.