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Key Points

  • A cost effective method of controlling both pedestrian and vehicle access
  • Can range from simple visual barriers up to reinforced ram proof obstacles
  • Can negate the need for security staff when integrated into an Access Control or Remote CCTV system.

We can supply and install the complete range of traffic and pedestrian barrier solutions and simple site control traffic lights. From functional simple traffic and pedestrian control right up to completely sealed site security, including ornamental and period matched designs, ABC Fire & Safety Ltd have the solution.

Vehicle control

Where vehicle control and security is a must, traffic can be physically controlled by either rising ramps or by skirted barriers or can be electronically controlled by one of our range of traffic lights.

Where space is at a premium but high levels of security are required, the site can be fitted with either sliding gates or swinging gates.

Sliding gates have the advantage of being able to retract onto the already existing fence line, therefore taking up very little space in their day-to-day operation.

Pedestrian Control

Simple swing gates can control pedestrian access or by higher security turnstiles where total control is required.

Integration into other technologies

Swipe, proximity, hands free radio or Biometric Access Control scanners can be used to grant access to a secured site. Gates, barriers and traffic lights can also be linked into Integrated Security systems and remote CCTV systems.

Whatever your traffic or pedestrian control needs, we can provide a solution. Contact us today for a free, no obligation survey and quotation.