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The Facts

The review of your fire Risk Assessment should take place at regular intervals and we recommend that this is done at least every 12 months unless it can be established that this should be sooner. 

Our Expertise

As with your original Fire Risk Assessment, it is recommended that the review is conducted by a competent person, who will be able to identify any areas of concern and indicate what remedial action needs to be taken. As previously mentioned, our Risk Assessor’s are experienced individuals who can ensure that your review is completed thoroughly.

Our Service

The review is designed to establish if any of the following can be identified in your workplace, since the last risk assessment was conducted

  • There has been any material or structural alterations to the building that may affect the means of escape, structural integrity, fire/smoke spread etc.
  • There have been any alterations to the internal layout of the workplace that may affect the means of escape for employees.
  • There has been any change to, the removal or the provision of, active or passive fire protection within the building.
  • There has been a change in occupancy of the building or part of the building.
  • There has been any change to the use of the building or any part of the building.
  • There has been any change to the storage of highly flammable or explosive materials.
  • Staff members with disabilities have been employed that have not been identified in previous fire risk assessments.
  • Members of staff or management have identified any safety concerns.
  • There has been a fire related incident or a near miss to a fire related incident.
  • Your insurance company has made specific requirements regarding fire safety.

The Action Plan provided with your Fire Risk Assessment should also be reviewed to establish how any recommendations made, if any, are progressing.

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