ABC Fire and Safety Limited

The Facts

The Action Plan produced following your Fire Risk Assessment is an invaluable guide to the Fire Safety improvements the responsible person is required to make in order to comply with the current regulations and the RRO (Fire Safety Order) 2005.

It is compiled into a prioritised list with timescales for improvement according to the level of risk that has been found.

Should your premises have a visit by the Fire Brigade Officer, the Action Plan is one the documents in the Fire Log Book that they will examine and check that the targets are being met.

Our Service

Our experienced Risk Assessors are always happy to discuss and review any of their findings with you, this part of the service is hugely important in the understanding of the Fire Risk Assessment and what actions need to be taken.

We are able to provide Fire Risk Assessment Reviews should you require further consultation and guidance with your on-going fire safety requirements and improvements.

Our aim is to guide and help you through the process of improving your fire safety within your premises and we are always available to advise and help.

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