ABC Fire and Safety Limited

Our Fire Evacuation Drills support both tenants and building managers in achieving a smooth, well-organised evacuation with minimum disruption.

Minimal Disruption

We understand that fire drills can be disruptive with the potential to inconvenience some tenants, which is why we schedule with their needs in mind. The time-consuming task of notifying key personnel is no longer an issue, as our dedicated team inform them for you.


Our expert drill co-ordinators will initiate and observe the evacuation, identifying both strengths and areas for improvement. Afterwards, fire wardens are debriefed on all aspects of the drill as well as general fire safety to enhance awareness and improve future evacuations. The local Fire Service are notified before the drill takes place to ensure that they are aware a routine Fire Drill is taking place.

Minimising Risks

We’re committed to helping ensure your properties and people are safe. With this in mind, we make every effort to carry out a visual check of the main means of escape prior to your drill to help ensure that they're clear.

Clear Reporting

All of our findings are detailed in a straightforward report so you can see exactly how well your safety measures are doing and how you are able to improve on them.

Quick Guide

What is a Fire Evacuation Drill?

A simulation of a fire situation in which the occupants of a building implement their emergency procedures.

Where is a Fire Evacuation Drill needed?

Any premises where an evacuation procedure is in place.

Who is able to conduct a Fire Evacuation Drill?

A competent person who is able to operate the fire alarm system and has suitable training to be able to observe and report on procedures, highlight any issues and recommend appropriate improvements.

How is a Fire Evacuation Drill conducted?

Usually, the fire alarm is activated and all building occupants evacuate. The evacuation is then evaluated and recorded in the logbook. The local Fire Service are notified to ensure they know there is a Drill taking place.

Why is a Fire Evacuation Drill required?

An evacuation drill helps to evaluate the effectiveness of the emergency plan and consolidate staff training. It is required by Law and there are penalties for non-compliance.

When do you require a Fire Evacuation Drill?

The relevant British Standard advocates at least once, but preferably twice, in any 12-month period. We are able to remind you prior to the event taking place and this can be added to your Fire Safety Service Plan.