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The Facts

Voice alarm systems (VAS) are generally specified in areas where clear and concise emergency voice communication is required. Areas such as Airports, shopping centres, hotels and schools. There are many benefits of voice alarm system in areas of public occupation. Reduced installation costs due to the requirement not to install additional PA equipment, the voice alarm system can be used for the public address system.

Having spoken messages identifies the nature of the problem and provides clear instruction.

The voice alarm system is a useful tool for the emergency services in directing staff.

In the fire industry, the value of VAS has been well documented for nearly two decades. The statistics illustrate the staggering contrast in reactions; only 13% of people react in a timely manner to bells compared to 75% to voice messages resulting in shorter evacuation times.

A voice alarm can be used to provide detailed information for phased evacuation.

Our Expertise & Service

Our team are able to Design, Install, Maintain and Commission voice alarm systems. In line with the requirements of BS5839-8. Our engineers are experienced in all aspects of voice alarms and are able to service and repair a variety of equipment.