ABC Fire and Safety Limited

The Facts 

Fire detection and alarm system verification is appropriate in instances where a client already has systems installed, but requires verification to ascertain if the existing systems are installed and maintained in line with current standards and also meet with the prescribed system category detailed within their fire risk assessment document.

A fire risk assessment should clearly identify the level of fire detection and alarm system is required for an individual buildings requirement.

Under the Fire Safety Order 2005 it is a statutory requirement to ensure that the systems are installed and maintained in line with the recommendations detailed within the fire risk assessment.
Once the level of system is prescribed by the fire risk assessor, the methodology used to establish if the existing systems meet with the requirements of the fire risk assessment is by means of a verification process by a competent design engineer.

Our Expertise & Service

We have the ability to independently assess existing electro-technical fire safety systems against current standards, and issue a verification certificate. If the verification process highlights defects or a requirement for any system enhancements then our reporting format provides sufficient detail so that any upgrade or rectification works can be easily quantified, costed and implemented.

This service is aimed at end users, building surveyors, consulting engineers, managing agents, facilities managers and property maintenance providers.

Fire risk assessors will also find this service of significant benefit as it provides valuable supporting documentation to the fire risk assessment document, which will assist fire safety professionals in their assessment of the condition of the electro-technical fire safety systems and if the condition introduces a fire risk to the building and its occupants.