ABC Fire and Safety Limited

GentGent Fire Alarm Systems

We are very proud to announce that the company recently achieved approval from Gent by Honeywell to become an Approved System Integrator of Gent Fire Alarm Systems.

This is a huge milestone for the company having also gained BAFE SP203-1 accreditation. A lot of hard work goes into gaining and maintaining such vital achievements and we are always striving to achieve the highest possible accreditations & approvals to ensure your premises are safe.

What this means for our customers:

Gent by Honeywell is synonymous with quality and innovation in the fire detection and alarm industry.

Gent are at the very forefront of this technology, developing their equipment to the highest possible standards to deliver the most advanced fire detection and alarm systems to protect your buildings. Gent's new technology and systems are backed up by their unique backwards compatibility policy, which protects your investment in Gent equipment by ensuring all types of equipment are compatible.